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                  中文 / EN


                  Management System Policy

                  Quality and Reputation —— Eternal Pursuit of BNBM

                  Adhering to customer-oriented, BNBM insists on the green development, creating intrinsic safety, implementing energy conservation and emission reduction to achieve accurate value.

                  General Objective

                  BNBM strives to cultivate and train the first-class staff team, constantly pursues excellent work level, vigorously develop the comprehensive utilization of resources industry, produce high-quality green building new materials, promote industrial gypsum board industry 4.0 and internationalization of prefabricated construction and gypsum board, and maintain the domestic leading position and advanced world standard in terms of  product quality, manufacturing technology and production equipment to realize pollution prevention “near zero emission” and zero safety production accident.

                  COMMANDING HEIGHT STRATEGY                                     

                  BNBM implements the commanding height strategy and takes brand building and technology innovation as the strategic engines to become the world-class enterprise with global competitiveness.

                  DOUBLE-LINE PREFERENCE

                       Exploring and creating "Double-Line Preference" management model on the basis of "four plenitudes". BNBM adopted the procurement management model of double-line preference, broke the boundary among departments, levels and personnel to build a flat and networked intelligent procurement organization. Under the procurement management model of double-line preference, double-line cooperation originated from complementary relation and double-line competition originated from preferential replacement relation. The procurement department and regional company can make preferential choice and replace each other’s procurement plan. The operation mechanism of achieved through “double-line preference” can make regional companies be more cautious in exercising its powers and urges the procurement business to perform their duties more consciously, which further realized the internal competition and cooperation, promoted the optimization of procurement cost, quality and efficiency. BNBM constantly strengthened the centralized procurement of bulk raw materials. According to company strategy and the supply and demand relation of bulk raw materials, combined with procurement scale and market characteristics, BNBM customized a professional procurement strategy for gypsum, gypsum liner, steel band, coal, and other raw materials, and form the "one product, one strategy".

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