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                  中文 / EN

                  BRAND STRATEGY

                  Brand Mission: To Promote BNBM to be a World-class Enterprise With Global Competitiveness. 

                  Brand Vision: Building world-class brand.

                  Brand Management Concept: BNBM builds brand family with comprehensively occupation of market segment, and utilizes "BNBM" and "Dragon Brand" as the parent brand of enterprise and product and the endorsement of other subsidiary brands, so as to improve the popularity, reputation and influence of the entire brand family. 

                  Annotation: Building a world-class brand strides forward to "Created in China" from "Made in China","Global Brand" from "Chinese Brand", a household consumer brand from an industrial brand, and a highly respected high-tech industrial brand with R&D capability and R&D innovation of world-class core technology from a general manufacturing brand. 

                  BRAND FAMILY

                  After years of development, BNBM has gradually developed with a series of products from single products. At present, BNBM has series products of “Dragon Brand”, “Luban”, “BNBM”, “Taishan”, "Fiber Cement Board" , "Dream" and so on.

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